Carbon Free Hose | Furnace Coolant Hose


Abrasion & Weather resistance

These hoses have abrasion & weather resistant cover that ensure longer service life

Heat resistant

Coming from the house of one of the best high pressure water hose manufacturers these tubes are resistant to heat.

Wide range of working temperature

These carbon free hoses are composed of a heat resistant rubber and can function properly within a wide working temperature of -40⁰C to +100⁰C.

Composed of rubber

This special purpose hose or tube is made up of a non-conductive rubber compound which is also abrasion & weather resistant.

Resistant to electricity

The hoses can also tolerate electricity and can function properly without showing any signs of malfunctioning.

Perfect texture fabric

In order to reinforce these tubes, rubber and textile fabrics of a natural or synthetic variety are used.

Tolerant of radiation

Duratuf’s carbon free hoses can easily resist the harmful effects of radiation.

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