Cement Grouting Rubber Hose



The covers of these hoses are made up of synthetic natural rubber compound that is highly abrasion-resistant in nature.

Can tolerate pressure

These hoses are known for their ability to tolerate immense pressure.

Ability to control damage

They can withstand operational damages of any kind and function as it should.

Assurance of quality

Our cement grouting hoses are known for their strict adherence to the IS: 5137/1990. This means that there is no chance of the grouting machine getting damaged.

Pressure Tolerance

Our cement grouting rubber hoses can withstand pressure at high levels

Quality Assurance

Our cement grouting rubber hoses adhere to the IS: 5137/1990

Textile reinforcement

Duratuf produces cement grouting pump hose with a reinforcement of braided or woven textile which can be synthetic or natural in nature.

Uniformly Seamless Lining

This concrete pump hose has an extra lining of thick and highly abrasion resistant soft natural rubber.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)