Go for Insertion Rubber Sheets in 2019 and Enjoy Unmatched Stability and Sturdiness!!

Insertion rubber sheet unlike many other rubber sheets are known for their nylon or other fabric insertions which is mainly responsible for giving these sheets outstanding mechanical strength and stability.

As the name itself suggests, these sheets are manufactured using a unique blend of Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) and Natural rubber (NR).

And if you ask why the term insertion is present, then the answer to your question would be because it has nylon monofilament fabric reinforcement.

It is mainly as a result of this reinforcement that these sheets can withstand wear and tear and excessive stretching.

It also gives the insertion rubber sheet additional strength when compared to other rubber sheets. And so is the case with its sturdiness and dimensional stability.

Usually, an insertion rubber sheet is perfect for general purpose usage, and you can purchase them in the form of rolls, sleeves and even cut them in different sizes to suit your requirements.

Guidelines for their usage:

Ø Abrasion resistance – Moderate
Ø Flame Retardancy – Not recommended
Ø Suitability for food use - Not recommended
Ø Ozone weather resistance - Not recommended
Ø Electrical resistance – Not recommended
Ø General purpose – Excellent. 

     Now, it is time to quickly browse through some of the applications of insertion rubber sheets:

The number of applications that these types of sheets have is only comparable to that of a commercial rubber sheet which, in fact, can be produced with or without any kind of insertion.

However, the following are the applications:

    ·        Automotive

Reinforced or an insertion rubber sheet are products which have a number, in fact, multiple applications in the automotive sector.

For one, it can be used in the production of aesthetic, durable laminates which assists in the insulation of the interiors of a vehicle.

   ·        Aviation

And speaking of automotive, these sheets have more than one application in the aviation industry as well.

In fact, it is used in the manufacturing of cargo restraint webbing, lifting bags (low pressure), and also dunnage air bags. 

   ·        Construction and civil engineering

The number of applications of insertion sheets in the construction sector is seemingly endless.

For example, they are used to produce expansion joints for bridges and buildings, roofing, and waterproof lining membranes as well.

 ·        Defense

Interested to know about the application of insertion rubber sheet in the defense sector, well, here they are:

ü Producing cover for equipment storage.
ü Manufacturing dynamic and static fuel tanks.
ü Used in the production of chemical protection suits; and also for
ü Building sea-borne anti-terrorist barriers.

·        Industries

As we have already seen, these sheets are of high value through various industrial vectors.

It is used in the manufacturing of diaphragm sheets, rubber gaskets, welding curtains, rubber coated fabric bellows, etc.

·        Leisure

An insertion rubber sheet has multiple leisure applications just like it has multiple applications in other sectors.

They are used in the production of material and tapes for dry suits, waterproof bags, pro-sport matting, etc.

·        Oil, gas, and Petrochemicals

These sheets as it appears have multiple uses in the oil, gas, and Petrochemicals sector as well.

They are known to provide excellent protection from blasts, oil booms, and are used in the production of seals for floating, roof storage tanks, bund liners etc.

·        Safety and protection

Insertion rubber sheets, as a result of its unrivaled sturdiness and mechanical stability, are used in the production of harnesses, fire-protection clothing, wear patches, safety gloves (High-Performance), etc.

·        Motorsport

They are heavily used in F1 racing, Indy Car racing, Rally car racing, and in power boating as well.

Moreover, it is also used in the manufacturing of flexible fuel tanks, seals, and gaskets, etc.

Similarities with commercial rubber sheets

Other than the fact, that both an insertion sheet and a commercial rubber sheet  are composed of Natural or Styrene-butadiene rubber compounds, and also both of their individual resistances to any impact, they have a quite a few more similarities as well.

The only thing that or the only characteristic that separates an insertion rubber sheet and a commercial sheet is a mesh of reinforcement which can consist of nylon or any other fabric.

However, it is these reinforcements that make an insertion sheet provide better resistance to wear and tear, enhance their tensile strength, stability and durability, etc.

Moreover, using the same range of compounds and the correct insertion material, the number of applications of these sheets is literally infinite.

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