Commercial Rubber Sheet


Extensive Service Life

It has a long service life giving great returns on investment

Ageing Resistant

It shows resistance to aging with operating temperature of -30° to 70° C

Resistant to Chemicals

It’s resistant to Inorganic chemicals, most acids & heat

Physically Tough

It’s known for physical toughness that makes it avoid leakages from factors like water

Material Versatility

It’s a versatile product so that it caters to numerous industrial applications

Flexible & Economical

It is appreciably flexible even after prolonged use & yet economical

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Commercial Rubber Sheets are chiefly utilized for general purpose implementations across numerous industry verticals. These sheets are a blend of Reclaim Rubber, a few specified Prime Polymers and certain rubber chemicals. Such rubber sheets are popular for their multipurpose usage at economical costs. These rubber sheets are cured by using rotocure and compression moulding & are available with smooth and cloth impression finish. It’s done with or without choice of insertion. They are also addressed as CRS. They are cost efficient and specifically formulated to withstand tough applications such as water barriers, flooring, among other uses. Duratuf Commercial Grade Rubber Sheets moreover, are designed to be adequately flexible and ensure reliable compression durability. Further, they endure medium to high loads.