Silicone Rubber Sheets are in Great Demand

Silicone Sheets have great working temperature. No doubt that these sheetings show awesome dielectric properties apart from being highly resistant to the harmful impacts of UV & Ozone. But these products being designed by various silicone rubber sheet manufacturers are also known for their great working temperature between -50° to 250° C. This is the reason that they are can applied at places where chances of heat and electricity generation are quite immense. 

Silicone Sheets are tried for a sale at the best prices. Yes, the demand or buzz of these sheets isn’t just due to one of the several mechanical properties stated above but the pricing factor too. There are a number of silicone rubber sheet suppliers in the market trying to bag a product order. But its only brands such as Duratuf Products that make the cut when they supply top quality rubber sheetings of silicone at rational prices. Now this is a great combination of services that will surely attract potential as well as existing customers for these silicone sheetings frequently. 

Silicon Rubber Sheets

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The flexible versatile elastomeric sheet!

An industrial rubber sheet that's soft in touch with a long service life.

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Long Service Life

Our sheets last much longer than most sheets available in the market.

Brilliant Electrical Insulation

The sheets are specially prepared for high voltage electrical insulating applications.

Hygienic & Food Grade

Special sheets are prepared with hygienic grade silicone elastomers to prevent contamination.

Our Industrial Rubber Sheets are used across various industries in 25+ countries!

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